Plant Your Wellness


Our Vision

Our brand’s vision is to be Earth Positive, where we give back more than we take from our planet; we follow Earth to bottle to Earth. Each natural ingredient in our products is sourced responsibly, bottling the therapeutic power of mother nature. We endeavour to reverse any contribution to the climate crisis that as a brand we may have caused. Trees are amazing! They supply all the potency of healing via the essentials oils that make our aromatherapy concoctions, what’s more, they are an abundant resource for solving most of our pressing environmental problems. Secret Alchemist strives each day to be more sustainable in its approach by taking small meaningful steps. As a brand, we avoid the use of plastic or any synthetic materials in a significant percentage. We use glass bottles, recyclable packaging, shredded paper for delivery, all small steps to a greener and sustainable tomorrow.

Walk into the SA Garden

We are committed to change and believe in small changes with a big impact. We are growing the Secret Alchemist’s Garden by contributing a part of our sales proceeds towards healing the environment, and creating a social impact staying true to our values. Every month, every purchase made, we have more and more trees being added to the SA Garden. Each and every customer of our SA family is a proud parent of a tree, helping us and the environment reduce waste, protect mother nature and be more sustainable.

Partnered By

SankalpTaru Foundation is an IT-enabled NGO, spreading greenery with its core philosophy of “planting trees for the people, by the people”. Having rooted and survived close to a million trees across 21 states of India, they are constantly escalating healthy-happy smiles through trees. With each flourishing plant, they look to maximize socio-environmental impact and successfully fighting back the detrimental demons of pollution, and strengthening the livelihood of poor farmers to create a rich biodiverse ecosystem.

Plant Your Wellness