Festival Of Lights: How To Celebrate Diwali Holistically With Aromaveda

It’s that time of the year again- an array of festivities has kickstarted beckoning upon us a few joyous months of revelry! Diwali, the most celebrated festival in India is just a few days away, and are we wrong to proclaim that we just cannot wait for it!? Characterized by the lighting of tiny diyas or lanterns and decorating our houses with flowers and colourful rangolis, this vibrant festival also marks the beginning of new year for many.

Just like other festivals, while Diwali promotes the spirit of togetherness and enjoyment, it also deviates our routine in terms of sleep cycles, exercise, healthy eating habits (well, hello holiday calories), decreased productivity, increased stress levels, and more. With a heightened number of firecrackers overshadowing the sky, the past few year’s statistics have also shown a significant decrease in the Air Quality Index and an increase in noise pollution around the country. This can lead to several ailments such as respiratory issues, skin conditions, and elevated anxiety levels, amongst others.

Speaking of air pollution, haven’t the past few weeks’ staggering results of the AQI in major metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi been a wake-up call to really navigate our actions, and foster mindful living? Moreover, to ensure good health for ourselves, it’s very important to practice holistic habits to the best of our capabilities during these fun-filled times. Read on to know more!

How to practice a holistic lifestyle During Festive Seasons?

Sparkling our surroundings with glee and light as we radiate our inner glow and eradicate negativity around, it is important to feel wholesome and healthy, this Diwali. Harmonizing your physical and emotional well-being, it is important to be fully aware and centred to truly enjoy the festivities and savor every moment of these memorable times. And, therefore, following a holistic lifestyle approach, whereby you focus on your overall wellness while uplifting your mind, body, and spirit will enable you to restore that nourishing balance.

Integrating the following realms, namely, physical wellness, emotional and mental wellness, spiritual well-being, environmental consciousness, and social well-being, here are some habits that you can incorporate to take you one step closer to a healthier tomorrow.

  1. Practice Mindfulness: An imperative self-care tool, it is paramount to take some downtime, and just be present in the moment. Whether it is by eating consciously or actively relishing each bite, or working on yourself by meditating, practicing gratitude and positive affirmations, and more, starting the day on an optimistic note helps to boost your mood, reduce stress, and enjoy life even more.
  2. Managing Sleep Patterns: We’d be setting unrealistic expectations if we believe that one should sleep early, and maintain similar sleep cycles during Diwali. However, enabling certain habits such as avoiding caffeine and excessive alcohol at night, keeping your electronics away while in bed, etc can foster a more peaceful, refreshing slumber.
  3. Exercise and eat your greens: Research has shown that exercising and physical movement like yoga and walking release endorphins, helping you stay energized and happier throughout the day. Eating nutritious foods builds your immunity and also keeps you upbeat.
  4. Connecting with Loved Ones: It is a commonly known fact that human beings are social animals. Maintaining meaningful bonds helps you to stay connected with your loved ones, thereby improving your emotional well-being. So, lovelies- send that text message, call your bestie, or even send them flowers- you never know, you will make their day.
  5. Self-Love Techniques: In these fast-paced times, it is essential to set aside some ‘me-time’, and indulge in activities that bring you peace and relaxation. From spending time outdoors or reading a book to inculcating relaxation exercises or treating yourself to some healing aromatherapy, the options are plenty!

    Now, now! Immersing yourself in some therapeutic aromas, as you are lured into a state of tranquil bliss and complete calmness, essential oils are known to awaken your senses, heal your body, and balance your state of mind- an alternative therapy that promotes a holistic lifestyle to the core by embracing this synergy. Having a direct impact on your physical and emotional wellness, this 4000-year-old practice is coherent in treating numerous conditions like migraines, pigmentation, anxiety, and depression. Sounds too good to be true, right? What’s more, we can’t wait to share some enticing news with you!

Celebrate Wellness, Wisdom, and Wholeness This Diwali with Aromaveda

From the calming aromas of lavender to the strong potency of eucalyptus and more, essential oils have the power to bolster your being, instantly! Living up to the adage of ‘pearls of wisdom’ imparted by the yesteryear generations, did you know that the world-renowned, naturalistic practice of Ayurveda- a 3000 + year old healing modality first originated in India? Rooted in the Sanskrit concepts of ‘Ayur’ meaning life and ‘Veda’ meaning science or knowledge, this term literally translates as the knowledge of life. Prescribing herbal elixirs based on one’s bodily constitution or Prakriti, and the resultant prevalence of life forces or Doshas, Ayurveda, too, considers the person’s functioning as a whole, rather than only the symptoms. In fact, aromatherapy is a tiny, but important fragment of this broader system of alternative medicine.

Often seen as an adjunct to modern medicine, Ayurveda entails an internal purification process, thereby making an individual inherently stronger and healthier. Your one-stop-robust solution to wholesome living rather than popping pills, we at SA recognize the need to be healthier from the inside out. In our quest to champion self-care and holistic living, we have redefined your wellness needs by introducing our all-natural, holistic school of healing- Aromaveda. Transporting you to an oasis of serenity, our therapeutic blends are carefully concocted by experts and are backed by science. Combining the principles of these two complementary practices, we guarantee a coherent, holistic marriage, aka, Aromaveda, wherein our naturalistic essential blends emanate a feeling of sustaining peace and calmness whilst bringing about harmony between your mind, body, and spirit.

Enabling you to strengthen your pledge of going healthy this Diwali, we’d love to recommend the following self-love treats:

  • Self-Care Candle: Amidst the stress-glazed work and social commitments during this fiesta we often forget to tend to ourselves and enjoy a few minutes of serenity. Revelling in a spa-like experience from home, set the ambiance, and feel relaxed and de-stressed with our toxin-free Neroli and Patchouli-infused Self-Care Candle. As the name suggests, this healing wick will amplify your mood and energy levels, letting you stay focused and enjoy the beauty of this festival.
  • Self-Care Roll-On: Letting you fill your cup of happiness and serenity before tending to others, our easy-to-use, Self-Care Roll-On, filled with Lavender and Cypress, will help you revive, reset, and rejuvenate, almost immediately. Calming your nerves and senses, cherish a stress-free Diwali as you rotate them onto your three main pulse points (wrists, temples and behind the ears) thrice a day! So, are you ready to treasure a ‘lit’ Diwali?

An enticing proposition, why not emanate a nourishing glow from within this festive season, and shine in your bright light of inner harmony? Furthermore, this Diwali, give your loved ones a thoughtful gift of health and holistic wealth with our essentially enviable offers.

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