Calm Yourself: Understanding The Facets Of Anxiety

“Anxiety isn’t you. It’s something moving through you. It can leave out of the same door you came in.”- James Clear

Recent statistics have proven that 275 million people suffer from anxiety. A term that is often interchanged with stress or tension, there’s more to this condition than what meets the eye. An outspoken feat in today’s times, let’s primarily understand that it is okay not to be okay, sometimes.



Scared. Distressed. Uneasiness.

Do you often encounter these emotions? An umbrella term for a host of such symptoms, experiencing occasional anxiety is normal and motivates us. Deemed as your body’s natural response to stress, haven’t we all felt apprehended in certain situations like the first day at school or work?

However, when you face intense, persistent, and excessive worry frequently, you should be concerned. Often deceiving, you may not even know if your friend is going through it. Read on to understand more.




From encountering butterflies in the stomach to a pulsating heart or frequent nightmares, related feelings manifest differently amongst individuals, often associated with a specific place or event. According to the American Psychological Association, symptoms lingering for more than 6 months can be diagnosed as an anxiety disorder.

If you know of or suspect a loved one suffering from anxiety, look out for the following symptoms:
  • feeling faint or dizzy
  • spells of crying
  • shortness of breath
  • sweating and chills
  • worry and restlessness
  • fear
  • numbness or tingling
  • withdrawalces
  • moodiness
  • Lack of focus

DISCLAIMER: People suffering from severe anxiety are often aware of their disproportionate behaviours and thought patterns. As well-wishers, we should help steer them in the right direction with empathy and kindness.



While we all experience anxiety from time to time, there are several easy-to-do, self-care techniques to help us tune in to ourselves. But the first step of your wellness sojourn is accepting the same wholeheartedly, and prioritizing your needs. It’s all about taking baby steps every day.

Be kind to yourself and incorporate the following coping methods to elevate your mood.
  • Practice Breathing: It’s simple, but it’s true. Take a few deep breaths whenever you feel wound up and soak in the present moment. Grounding yourself will instantly uplift and energize you.
  • Set small goals: Thinking about your entire curriculum, don’t you feel tense on the eve of your examination? Following suit, break down your supposed cumbersome tasks into smaller goals, and we promise you’ll enjoy a greater perspective.
  • Move your body: It’s time to get set fit! Whether you go to the gym, pick up a sport, practice yoga, or dance away the negativity, remove an hour for yourself daily. Exercise releases endorphins, which will leave you feeling brighter than sunshine.
  • Important lifestyle changes: Altering certain habits will go a long way. Consuming a balanced diet, along with cutting out caffeine and alcohol, will make you feel harmonious and nourished. Moreover, sleeping for 7-8 hours a day will boost your productivity manifold, giving you the confidence to handle stress and conquer your dreams. Lastly, take out time to pursue hobbies that you love.
  • Enjoy your calm: Inhale courage and exhale your doubts. Practicing gratitude and mindful meditation every day will restore your belief in your abilities. Embracing the digital era, make use of breathing apps to completely relax your being, while training your mind to dismiss negative thoughts.
  • Watch your thoughts: Journaling and practicing positive affirmations work wonders to reduce your negativity.
  • Talk to someone: Be it a loved one or a life coach, be open about your plight as they will help you cope better.
  • Feel Scent-Sational: What’s in a scent, you may ask? Awakening your senses and connecting your mind and body, several essential oils help in reducing anxiety through the age-old practice of aromatherapy. Some of these ingredients consist of lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, basil, and rose. Their scents calm your frayed nerves and relax your mind completely, reducing your stress.

In fact, priding ourselves in being India’s first holistic wellness and aromatherapy brand, you can check out our Anxiety Reliever Roll-On, Calm. Very easy-to-use and travel-friendly, you can use this elixir by applying it on your main pulse points, mainly the wrists, temples, or the area behind your ears. And, voila, within no time, the aromatic blends will immerse you in tranquil serenity.

So, who’s ready to live a healthier life by inculcating these wellness habits? As parting advice, allow yourself to just be, for this too shall pass.