Own Your Body: Embracing Body Positivity this Season of Love

“I think I’m too fat.”

“I’d be happier with myself if I were ten kgs lighter.”

“I hate my freckles.”

“I’m not photogenic.”

“I look like a stick.”

“My thighs are too big.”

“I don’t think I’ll get my pre-baby body back.”

In this idealistic whirlwind of preconceived societal and beauty standards, where fuller body types are not always fit, we often put immense pressure on ourselves to look perfectly thin, light-skinned, and more. Blame it on the years of conditioning by the media and the older generation, a negative body image often arises out of a person’s tainted perception of their appearance and the feelings associated with their resulting negative self-esteem. Serving as the foundation for an antidote to incorporate a revolutionary movement for Body Positivity, here are a few essential facts that have been researched over the past few years:

  • A cross-sectional research study of 1,200 college girls in Coimbatore, India, revealed that 77.6% of the students had negative body image, with major contributing variables being depression, raised BMI, and societal expectations to be slim.
  • Another study among 14-16-year-olds found that they attribute terms like "smart" and "successful" to attractive males; "smart" and "friendly" to attractive females, and "lazy" and "complacent" to obese individuals.
  • A global large-scale study conducted in 65 countries, including India showed that having a positive body image is strongly correlated with greater psychological well-being and life satisfaction.
  • A scientific study also showed a high positive correlation between a negative body image and a higher incidence of eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

Well, well! While such deep-rooted change about size, gender, colour, and beauty standards often takes time, it would be wrong to deny that we, as a society are not transgressing to a more authentic representation of a larger body-boosting diaspora. Drawing an instance of a popular skin-whitening cream that ruled the roster for decades, the original ‘Fair & Lovely’ cream too changed its name to Glow & Lovely after receiving immense backlash. Fostering one and all to kickstart their journey of self-love and appreciate all shapes, sizes, and skin tones, let us understand more about this all-inclusive, trailblazing phenomenon called Body Positivity or Inclusivity.

What is Body Positivity?

Sakshi Sindhwani, Dolly Singh, Neelakshi, aka PlumtoPretty, Aashna Bhagwani, Komal Pandey, the list goes on…


Yes, you guessed it right! These are the names of a few social media influencers who are using their large following-clad digital platforms for the greater good as they embrace their inherent spirit. Devoid of promoting fatphobia, skinny-shaming, whitewashing, and exclusivity, these millennial stars are amping up their game as they spread love and sparkle through their whimsically delightful aura. After all, isn’t loving yourself the greatest revolution?

Delving deeper, body positivity refers to the highly acclaimed self-belief that you are beautiful just the way you are, despite your size, shape, and appearance. A reformist call to action, this 1960s movement celebrates diversity and encourages an environment of acceptance and respect, where everyone is more than what they look like. From appreciating one’s body to paying heed to one’s unique strengths and unbridled potential, it all starts with the self.

Countering the deeply ingrained barriers of self-criticism and rejection, do you often wonder how you can break through the shackles of a self-fulfilling prophecy to pivot your mindset to imbue an attitude of abundance, self-love, and acceptance? We tell you how!

Your Body, Your Rules: How to Cultivate Body Positivity?

Speaking from a holistic perspective, we all are well-attested with the fact that honing a body-accepting mindset increases our physical and emotional well-being. These ripple consequences can be manifested through an elevated sense of self-esteem, decreased body dissatisfaction, reduced depression and anxiety, and enhanced resilience. Screaming of greater body autonomy, individuals start engaging in healthy behaviors such as eating mindfully, exercising regularly, and prioritizing their self-care routines, leading to regulating their overall health markers like blood pressure, and cholesterol levels whilst managing their weight. Eradicating self-limiting beliefs, it’s all about being unapologetically you and loving every curve and every edge!

Now, now! Empowering your mirrored reflection, are you ready to flaunt your flaws with a renewed, confidence-evoking zest? Try out these simple, life-altering methods, asap!

  1. Practice positive affirmations: To effectively practice self-love, coherently repeat empowering statements of gratitude, reminding yourself of your individualistic beauty. Repeat these statements in front of the mirror or write them down, and the abundance-invoking ethos will redefine your ever-evolving being.
  2. Adopt Body Neutrality: Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay, and not love everything about your body. As you work through your body-image issues from further denigrating your self-concept, foster new ways to take off the mental spotlight of your body amidst your stages of growth and evolution.
  3. Aim for healthful living: A far outcry from the perils of body-shaming to be skinnier or fuller, frame your fitness goals mindfully. With your physical and mental being working coherently, always remember this- Your Mindset Matters! Follow a nutritious and balanced diet, and exercise regularly to get those ‘feel-good’ hormones rolling. Be happy and wholesome while incorporating these lifestyle changes, lovelies!
  4. Show Compassion to Yourself and Others Freely: Steering clear from projecting our insecurities on others, learn to be empathic, kind, and compassionate to your inner soul freely, always. Practicing the same towards others, be a sliver of hope and positivity for others regularly. Cascading a treasure-trove of positivity and motivation, are you ready to be little miss (or Mr.) Sunshine?
  5. Limit your time on social media: As digital platforms have become more all-encompassing adopt a stance of acceptance and neutrality, and stay away from negative news, publicity, and regressive content. Moreover, follow influential personalities that emblazon your inner sparkle.
  6. Focus on your likes and unique abilities: Hey there, you are special, uber-talented, and a badass force to reckon with. Remind yourself and focus on honing your noteworthy capabilities that make you, You! After all, you are more than just your physical appearance.
  7. Have a strong ‘me-time’ routine: Whether it is to meditate, spend time outdoors, indulge in a hobby, pause for a few minutes, and breathe, enjoy a pamper-filled, yet revitalizing skincare or haircare, or simply unwind by enjoying a relaxing spa day, do what makes your soul happy! Even better, align your mind, body, and soul by immersing yourself in calming aromatherapy.

Now, now! Did we ignite a synergistically harmonious spark in you? Read on to know more!

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