Incorporating Aromatherapy Into Your Daily Regime

Scent plays a vital yet understated role in our day–to-day lives. From defining tastes to impacting our emotions – think of how quickly your mood brightens up when the smell of fresh flowers wafts through the room, or how aromatics from your kitchen stir your appetite. The use of aromatherapy as means to promote health, healing and well-being is a practice that has been around for centuries and is prevalent in cultures the world over. Essential oils can not only help alleviate existing symptoms but can address concerns before they are severe enough to require medical intervention. The physical, psychological, and spiritual advantages of using essential oils range from pain relief, improved sleep quality and stress reduction to improved digestion and boosting of immunity.


Given the numerous benefits of aromatherapy it only makes sense to have assimilate the practice into different parts of your daily regime with the goal of holistic wellness in mind to make your days more invigorating and content!

  • A long, relaxing aromatic bath – While a long hot bath is soothing by itself, you can elevate your relaxation by using essential oils. Just a few drops of our Dream oil added to your hot bath can help you feel calm, tranquil, and nourished!


  • Electric Diffusers – Diffusers are easy to use and can allow you to get the benefits of aromatherapy on a daily basis. A simple click of a button and a few drops of sleep-inducing oils like Ylang Ylang and Chamomile, electric diffusers help spread the aroma all over your room and can enable the creation of a calming, soothing atmosphere which is most productive for rest and relaxation such as with Calm from our Relaxation Range.


  • Self-Massage – Step up your self-care routine by adding in a little self-massage with essential oils. A body massage with a blend of lemongrass, fennel and lavender can lead to softer skin. On the other hand, if you’re a workout fanatic – a massage with our Relief joint pain oil like can help relax those aching muscles after a strenuous day at the gym.


  • Steam inhalation – This is probably something that has probably made its way into your daily regime during the pandemic if not before then as a common home remedy. Incorporating a blend of black pepper and eucalyptus oil with our cold reliever Breathe can have significant benefits including clearer, open airways and decongestion!


  • Create a room spray – One of the most fun and effective ways of assimilating aromatherapy to your daily regime is with a room spray. Add a little bit of our relaxing Self – Care oil with a blend of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Cypress to a bottle of water and spray the mixture throughout the room as needed to reduce odors and uplift your mood
  • Direct inhalation – If you’re in a rush and need a quick boost, go straight to the source and apply a few drops to your pulse points and take a deep breathe in. This method is direct and easy and can provide you with that instant pick me up when you’re on the go like we do with our migraine relieving bestseller – Soothe!

Now that you know some of the ways you can incorporate aromatherapy into your daily regime, play around and try these out to know which one works best for you. It may take some time to figure it out, but once you do you can seamlessly weave it into your routine and garner these diverse set of benefits every day!