Secret Alchemist Finds A New Wellness Buddy In Luke Coutinho

The genius loves aromatherapy … and our blends

We’re living in 2022 and today, wellness has become a hot favourite trend or fad (no, we’re not complaining!). As advocates of everything wellness, its current echelon only strengthens our wellness-first mission even further. But this wasn’t the case in the pre-pandemic times. People paid little to no attention to their wellness and well-being. Some weren’t even cognisant of wellness as a concept and a way of living. When the pandemic forced us to slow down and pay close attention to our body inside-out, we automatically understood the importance of good health …good holistic health. Wellness has finally moved to the pedestal it always should have; people are listening to their bodies and its needs and perpetually trying to enhance their health — mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

We’re happy to report that we, at Secret Alchemist, have always thrived on the concept of wellness, ever since we commenced. We believe that wellness is just as important as your external health and concerns. After all, chronic stress is one of the leading contributing factors to most lifestyle conditions. We don’t just emphasise on wellness, but we do so with an all-natural approach because minimising chemicals and toxins is equally crucial for us. That’s where our ingenious aromatherapy blends come into the picture: natural tried-and-tested recipes infused with the most potent essential oils deliver relief without any threats of side effects. This also makes aromatherapy a great long-term and enduring companion for ones who face day-to-day concerns more often — think stress, insomnia, anxiety, poor hair health, weakened joints and sensitive skin.

 We’re beyond elated to share that Secret Alchemist has been chosen by wellness expert Luke Coutinho as his go-to aromatherapy brand. This association is special because we share a similar ethos set and both SA and Luke believe in being wellness-first. Luke makes such a perfect fit for our brand because he is the man behind countless improved and healed lives by infusing the essence of wellness, natural solutions, integrative medicine and a healthy and prospering lifestyle. Curated by Luke, our aromatherapy blends are a true indulgence for all our on-the-go natural wellness enthusiasts out there, who can experience calm and tranquillity in a jiffy with our easy-to-use roll-ons. With Luke on board, Secret Alchemist is only determined to make wellness a bigger and more integral part of your life, because that’s what we (both) believe in.