The Ultimate Happiness Mantra: Powerful Positive Affirmations To Elevate Your Being

I am confident.
I am limitless.
I am abundant.
I am living my dream life.

Do the above statements empower and motivate you to be your best version? For all those having a challenging day, did you experience a renewed surge of hope while emanating the power to go on, try new things, and conquer the world?

Well, if you haven’t noticed, our thoughts guide our actions or approach to any situation. If you believe that you’ll fail, you are prophesizing it. But trust yourself to create a meaningful life, then you shall succeed.

A powerful method to uplift your life state, the secret lies in framing your self-talk through positive affirmations. Be kind and gentle to yourself and you shall see how the universe opens multiple doors for you.

What are positive affirmations?

While our words enable us to communicate better with others, they can influence us to transform internally on a deeper level. Positive affirmations refer to positive statements or phrases that aid in challenging, reframing, and overcoming our negative or self-sabotaging thought patterns. It works to transcend our mindset to give it a worthwhile flavour, leading us to see things from a healthier perspective.

Formulating our sentences in the present with a motivating prompt such as ‘I am’ effectively programs our minds to envision success, taking us one step closer to our goals. By clearly indicating the same out in the open, we start producing emotions coherent to the desired moment of celebrating the fruits of our hard work. 

All you’ve got to do is repeat it to yourself on a daily basis, and wait for the magic to unravel.

Positivity Proof: The Benefits Of Practicing Positive Affirmations

From embarking on a path of healing and alleviating several mental health issues to manifesting your dream career, the power of positivity is truly unfathomable. Contrary to popular notions, the benefits of regularly practicing positive affirmations are steeped in scientific evidence.

These stimulating statements enable us to re-wire our brains to maintain our sense of self-belief or global self-efficacy. It refers to our perceived ability to control outcomes and adapt to situations while internally preserving our self-concept. Assisting us to thrive in life, all we need is an elevated life state filled with confidence, abundance, and happiness.

Don’t you beautiful souls feel that positive affirmations remind us of those delicate, glittering confetti that adds unbridled easiness and joy to our lives? A constant reminder of the fact that we are more than enough and own the power to write our life stories, positive affirmations have manifold benefits such as:

  • Diminishing subconscious negative feelings by reframing them with positive ones.
  • Encouraging you to surround yourself with things that you treasure, thereby increasing happiness.
  • Helps to boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Reduces anxiety, and stress and appraises your mood.
  • Improves your physical health and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Strikes a harmonious balance between your mind-body paradigm, thereby enhancing your holistic well-being.
  • Invokes a sense of blissful gratitude by allowing us to acknowledge the smaller joys of life.
  • Motivates us to focus on our goals, and achieve them productively.

So, have we tempted you to shift your perspective and metamorphose into the dazzling individual that you truly are? Read on to know how to transform yourself in our quintessential SA style.

How To Practice Positive Affirmations?

Promoting an optimistic outlook toward life, positive affirmations teach you to embrace your being by viewing the glass as half-full. You’re not a failure, but a work-in-progress who will soon bloom into a magnificent flower.

Well, well! Committed to improving overall wellbeing, we at SA, have come out with our own range of Affirmation Cards, titled Alchemies of Affirmation to inspire, encourage and flourish! We all have undying potential within ourselves, and it’s time we realized them by burying our negative beliefs.

Purchase our collection of 20 life-changing affirmation cards on and abide by the following steps to see a glorious difference in your persona.

  • Allow your intuition to guide you to choose your affirmation card for the day.
  • Harbour positivity and encouragement by repeating the affirmation consistently by writing, visualizing, or saying it aloud to yourself in front of a mirror. Redefining self-love, you will start seeing yourself in an accepting, wholesome light.
  • Most importantly, put on a big smile and use this as a tool for a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

Quoting Buddha, “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” To leave you with some parting advice, just believe in yourself, and the rest will follow. You’ve got this!