Say Goodbye To All Your Migraine Agonies With Our Newest Reliever, Soothe

Don’t let migraine take over your peace

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When was the last time you reached out to your medicine box due to a harrowing headache? If you recollect the said incident in the recent past, chances are that you also remember how tormenting the experience was. When such headaches take place frequently, the condition is termed as ‘migraine’. Though migraine is scientifically said to have certain triggers, stress and tension have sought the prime spot in the list of causes, thanks to our sedentary lifestyle. If you have a migraine problem, you know how severe it can get and popping a pill every single time may not be the best thing to do. Plus, if you wish to keep away from any and every kind of oral medication option that there is, it’s best to find a topical solution. Enter Soothe, the newest addition to our aromatherapy range.



What is Soothe?

Soothe is a migraine reliever roll-on, the newest addition to our wide range of target-specific roll ons that employ the magic of aromatherapy to aid with concerns like stress, insomnia, cold, anxiety and now migraine too. Soothe is made up of a blend of efficacious relaxing and pain-relieving oils like peppermint, lavender, etc (more on this ahead) that ease tension, clear blocked airways and calm the nerves which eventually relieves you from an intense migraine.


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What’s Inside?

Soothe is a quick-performing and effective solution to migraine. Why? Because it is formulated with a thoughtful mix of ingredients that each work upon easing anxiety, relieving stress and reducing tension which in turn helps you get the better of your migraine pain. Here’s what goes inside:

  1. Basil: This ingredient works as a muscle relaxant, making it a great anti-migraine treatment.
  2. Lavender: As lavender is a great stress-reliever, it works upon releasing stress and tension and boosting your mood.
  3. Marjoram: It is packed with antioxidants plus has anti-inflammatory properties, thereby it calms your nerves.
  4. Peppermint: It is packed with the cooling and calming menthol that is an excellent de-stressor and it also opens the sinuses for apt oxygen flow.
  5. Rosemary: This ingredient is naturally loaded with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties plus improves blood circulation.


How To Use

Simply roll it over your pulse points and make sure you inhale the aroma deeply for maximum results. Ensure to keep a minimum gap of 4 hours between two uses.