Body Oiling Is The Key To Unlocking The Toned Body Of Your Dreams

Oil your way to firmer skin

As we’re inching closer to 2023, the focus on body care is only augmenting. From spas and clean ups to a whole new set of rituals, the body care landscape is observing newer additions—remarkable ones— by each passing day. But, as wellness champions, we feel like we must let you know that a salon isn’t the only space that can provide you access to body care treatments; you can indulge in them in the comfort of your home too. Yes, you heard that right. Save your salon visits for intense exfoliation and therapy rituals; you can always experience a revitalising body care ritual at home and also establish a routine for better convenience and consistency. The best at-home body care solution? Body oiling. Massaging your body with oils can promote lymphatic drainage, leading to a toned and firmer body. 

Breaking down the what’s

Massaging your body with natural oils has been a part of Indian culture since 3000 BCE. In Ayurveda, it’s been touted as a healing therapy to relieve aches and improve blood circulation across the body. Even today, nothing has changed. The ritual has been renamed to lymphatic drainage—a manual massage technique that stimulates your lymphatic system (from one node to the other) and eliminates any toxins. This also leads to accelerated blood circulation, reduced inflammation and thereby a firmer, toned and tighter body.

*This is excellent for targeting cellulite too.

… And hows

You can use the following tools for body massage:

- Dry Brush

- Lymphatic Drainage Wand

- Your hands 

While a dry brush is used before showers and emphasises on exfoliation, the other two options are post-shower, using potent oils for long-lasting benefits. SA’s DETOX and TONE contain a rich and therapeutic blend of carrier and essential oils that work fabulously on reducing cellulite and evening out the skin tone respectively. The rich and pure bases of coconut oil and almond oil are combined with the power of essential oils like fennel, cypress, lavender and more. Simply apply a generous layer of body oil all over. Use your hands or the wooden wand in upward motions from the ankle to the buttocks and the wrist to the shoulder respectively. Apply controlled pressure and go over the same area at least three times. You can practise this thrice a week for best results.


The final results

You’ll definitely see a difference in the tautness of your skin and obtain a more toned body within a few weeks. Soft, deeply nourished skin that’s away from dryness, dullness and flakiness comes as a sweet bonus.