Aromatic Awareness: Understanding The Role Of Pulse Points In Aromatherapy

Can we skip to the good part!?

Everyone deserves a slice of serene bliss to help them refresh and unwind. An effective way of doing so is to immerse in the fragrances of the naturally extracted essential oils through the age-old practice of clinical aromatherapy. Not only does it help to calm your frayed nerves and de-stress you, but it also enables in alleviating several physical manifestations that you may suffer from like a chronic cold or a migraine attack.

A fast-growing, scientifically tested, calming ritual dating back to Egyptian civilization, aromatherapy stems from the belief that scents stimulate the olfactory system, leading to a response in the body. Paying homage to the 'pearls of wisdom' often imparted by the older generation, different scents derived from various plants act as a therapeutic agent for several illnesses that we may encounter.

A potent healer, the key is in its application. Read more as we unleash its remedial characteristics.


Multiple essential oils are specialized to treat varied symptoms. Helping you heal internally and creating a balance between your body, mind, and soul, it’s truly bewildering to understand the power of our senses.

There are multiple ways to apply essential oils to improve your overall wellbeing. A popular, straightforward medium for the same is to use essential oil diffusers. You can also apply it topically on your skin. However, in this case, we strongly recommend you dilute a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil. Balancing its formidable, raw quality, carrier oils prevent the skin from any irritation, enhancing deeper absorption of the same.

Call it an innovative hack, you can now carry your fragrances wherever you go with several essential oil-induced Roll-Ons. Travel-friendly and easy to carry, all you’ve got to do is to slide it across your pulse points and walk towards a healthier tomorrow.


Our pulse points refer to the soft, delicate areas of the skin where blood vessels concentrate at the surface. Underneath this area, you can feel your pulse gently beating to a life-tuned rhythm.  

Out of the ten pulse points present, seven are the most commonly recognized. More often than not, some points may work better for you than others. It’s like finding your sweet spot of relaxation. Doesn’t it sound like a dream-like notion?

Let’s understand the functioning of each of these pulse points in detail. You’ll be amazed by how our body works. It surely is a temple, and we need to take care of it.

In order of preference, we believe that these three pulse points are the most effective and convenient in holistically treating one’s ailments.

  1. Wrists: Connected to the veins, use relaxing essential roll-ons such as ylang-ylang when you feel very anxious or wound up. Rotating it a couple of times in circular motions on the inner wrist below the thumb will help you get through the day while you soak in its enticing aura.
  2. Temples: Do you suffer from heavy head or throbbing headaches? Inhale and swivel lavender-based essential oils to your temples, which are the two soft spots above and to the outer areas of the eye, thereby enjoying a calming, aromatic experience.
  3. Behind the ears: Providing instant, calming relief from a stuffy nose or head, roll a eucalyptus-rich essential oil at the pulse point exactly below both ears, at the back of your jawbone.

The next few pulse points have also been scientifically proven to have manifold benefits.

  1. Neck: Allowing swift absorption, the neck is a common pulse point. If you’re having sleep disturbances at night, you can apply essential oils such as chamomile or lavender at the junction below your collar bone and above the chest. Apart from that, you can also glide your essential oil-infused roll on at the point located on either side of your neck, next to the windpipe, or at the back of the neck. It helps to de-stress you.
  2. Chest: Mainly working wonders for chronic colds or a congested chest, applying easy-to-use sinus-relieving essential oil-based roll-ons such as eucalyptus or peppermint below both sides of your collarbones can provide great respite.
  3. Inner elbow: Known as the emotional throne, apply elevating essential oils to the front portion of your upper arm such as sweet basil or rosemary for an instant surge of positive, chakra healing energy. What’s more, its pleasing aroma will captivate you almost instantly as the whirling motion of the roll-on settles in.
  4. Back of the knees: Helping you maintain your physical form, refreshing or pain-alleviating synergistic concoctions comprising coconut oil or thyme can relieve you of joint pains or menstrual cramps when applied to the inner area above your calf muscles.

Now, now! If we’ve tempted you to enter into this holistic world of aromatherapy, read on to understand the advantages of these synergistic, oneness-inducing concoctions. But before we move ahead, always remember to maintain a minimum gap of 4 hours between use.



Pulse points act as passageways through which the therapeutic oils get circulated in the bloodstream, making you experience substantial relief. Also known as pressure points, they activate your limbic system, which is the emotional centre of your brain. Applying essential oils topically over these points will evoke an emotional reaction, grounding you in a state of relaxation. Another advantage of the same is that essential oils are directed towards areas of the body that need instant relief.

From lavender to sandalwood, imagine a whiff of an inviting aroma, whether inhaled or applied externally has manifold healing properties. Transporting you to a spa-like rejuvenating daze, aromatherapy helps in the following:

  • Improves mood and productivity
  • Reduces stress
  • Induces sleep
  • Calms your frayed nerves
  • Relaxes you completely
  • Treats migraines and colds
  • Works and rectifies several skin conditions such as pigmentation and open pores
  • Helps to strengthen and reduce the effect of skin conditions
  • Inculcates a holistic, self-care-centric lifestyle.

As a leading holistic wellness and aromatherapy brand, we are constantly striving to lead you onto a healthier path where your mind and body are in complete harmony. Understanding the core of wellness, check out our Range of Relaxation Roll-Ons, which when applied to your pulse points uplifts you immediately. Connoting an elixir-like state, get ready to heal and liberate.

  1. DREAM-Sleep Inducing Oil: Filled with Juniper and Marjoram, enjoy a peaceful, uninterrupted slumber.
  2. BREATHE-Cold Reliever Oil: Bid adieu to chronic, sinus-driven colds and enjoy the congestion-free life using ingredients like eucalyptus and hyssop.
  3. CALM-Anxiety Reliever: Need we say more? Filled with basil and lavender, get ready to embrace a stress-free life.
  4. SOOTHE-Migraine Relief Oil: Therapeutic blends like rosemary and peppermint will help keep your migraines at bay.
  5. SELF-CARE Relaxation Oil: Make yourself a priority with a desirable self-care regime with this lavender and cypress-infused essential oil.

Applying it at a minimum interval of 4 hours, all we’d like to say is to Relax, Renew and Roll-On towards the good life.